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Simply Ashley

What time is it? Time for you to get a new watch! How about the classic Aubrey? Or maybe even the simplistic Brookvale? Buying a beautiful time piece is not only a gift to you or a loved one but also to a child who needs your help. Quality, Elegance and Class is all Elon Novac offers to their customers and for every 100 watches sold, Elon Novac will provide a child in a developing nation with a quality education.  “Time Offers Freedom” -Elon Novac I am so excited to finally share my review with you on the Elon Novac Watches. I ordered mine about a month ago and when it finally arrived I couldn’t wait to put it on. I...

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The Unheard Strangers

Mental health is one of the most pressing issues of today’s generation. Over recent years, conversations about mental health have gained traction, and it’s important that people continue to acknowledge and educate themselves about mental health issues. People living in poverty have a high risk of developing a mental illness as the likelihood of issues with self-esteem, anguish, depression, among other problems are increased due to marginalization and vulnerability. Alternately people who suffer from severe mental illness are at risk of living in poverty if they do not receive adequate support to diagnose and deal with their illness. There is often a correlation between mental health issues and unemployment, lack of education, and low socioeconomic status. People who suffer from...

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Dreams that can shape reality

To have goals to pursue on a daily basis is what makes us move. Fighting for our goals and passions are intimately related to well-being and mental health. One of the main symptoms of depression is the loss of hope. Not having goals in life can result in a temporary stage of the existential crisis. To achieve goals in life requires a lot of mental strength knowing that during the journey, there will be many obstacles to overcome. Sometimes it is necessary to ask for help, which many individuals may find difficult. People who love us will serve as a rational point of support in assessing the situation from different perspectives. The dreams to be achieved must be realistic because otherwise...

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