The Unheard Strangers

Mental health is one of the most pressing issues of today’s generation. Over recent years, conversations about mental health have gained traction, and it’s important that people continue to acknowledge and educate themselves about mental health issues.
People living in poverty have a high risk of developing a mental illness as the likelihood of issues with self-esteem, anguish, depression, among other problems are increased due to marginalization and vulnerability. Alternately people who suffer from severe mental illness are at risk of living in poverty if they do not receive adequate support to diagnose and deal with their illness. There is often a correlation between mental health issues and unemployment, lack of education, and low socioeconomic status. People who suffer from mental illness may struggle with excelling in life or living a “normal” life.
Mental illness can sometimes be a life-long journey, but with the proper resources, these individuals can receive the help and support they need to alleviate or deal with their mental illness. Unfortunately, these resources are limited relative to the growing demand. It’s not always easy for people to admit and reach out for help for their mental illness, but when they do, resources should be available and accessible.
People who suffer from mental illness shouldn’t have to suffer alone or in silence.  We should all be advocates for mental health and help where we can. Consequently, we want to donate 3% of every purchase towards community awareness programs to support and increase mental health initiatives.