The Importance of Mental Health

Good mental health is an important part of an individuals overall health as it affects the way we interact with family, friends and the way we behave in society. In many places, mental health is considered an indispensable requirement for the social and economic development of a society.

Mental illness is defined as the disorder that affects your mood, behavior, and has the power to alter reality and our adaptation to the normal challenges of daily life. In many instances, stress from work, school, and family obligations, can severely harm the mental health of an individual.

Mental disorders are viewed as an extended characteristic of an individual's personality. Societies often overlook mental illness and does not treat these illnesses as real life problems. When we refer to cancer, heart disease or diabetes, we do not wait years to treat it. When we begin to feel symptoms like a continuous cough or high blood sugar levels, we immediately try to eliminate those symptoms. We do not ignore them, in fact, we begin to take better care of ourselves and take measures to reverse the development of the disease, so why do we not do the same with people who face a mental health illness?